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Rebuilding America’s water infrastructure with public-private partnerships

For much of the last century, America’s infrastructure cultivated innovation and progress. Our interstate highway system facilitated commerce and travel. The nation’s power grid expanded until virtually every household had access to electricity. And our water and wastewater systems raised the standard of living and helped water-reliant businesses and industries make the U.S. the strongest economy in the world.

UWUA Locals News

UWUA Locals News

UWUA Local 1-2 Participates in Indian Point License Renewal Rally

The leaders of major New York labor unions, rank and file members, and business and community leaders urged the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Tuesday to approve the 20-year license renewal of the Indian Point nuclear power plant, which provides more than 25 percent of the electricity used in New York City and Westchester County.

Local 223 Wins NLRB Decision Re: Organizing Power Plant SOs; THAW Employees Vote to Join Local 223